Teach Students How to Think


        Edward de Bono has invited the word Operacy several years ago to cover the skills of “doing”. Operacy involves  such as pects of thinking as: other people’s views; priorities; objectives; alternatives; consequences; guessing; decisions; creativity and many other aspects . these things are part of “pro-active” thinking, not the usual “reactive” thinking .

   He tries to correct some of the generally held misconceptions about thinking. We need information but we also need thinking. Thinking is not just a matter of cleverness and difficult problems. Wisdom is even more important than cleverness.Traditional thinking puts all the emphasis on critical thinking, argument, analysis and logic. But these are only part of thinking and it is very dangerous they are sufficient. In addition to critical thinking, we need thinking that is constructive and creative. In addition to argument we need exploration of the subject. In addition to analysis we need the skills design. In addition to logic, we need perception.